Dayan Viciedo Heats up Playoff Contenders Baseball

Dayan Viciedo Rookie Card

Dayan Viciedo’s only rookie card to date, coming in 2008 Playoff Contenders Baseball has been the driving rookie card of the inaugural product.

From Donruss:

Viciedo and Donruss came to an autograph agreement shortly after he signed with Chicago, and his only card to date appears in 2008 Playoff Contenders Baseball. Realized prices for those autographed rookie cards have been steadily climbing the past several days with one online sale at $202.50 after attracting 18 bidders. In the last day, two other copies of the card sold online for more than $192 each.

“We knew he would make a mark on the trading card industry, and do so pretty quickly,” says Donruss Brand Manager David Porter. “We had to scramble to get any kind of photo because the kid hadn’t even stepped onto a field in the U.S. at the time of our production deadline. But we were able to get it done and it’s great to see the collector interest in the card.”

Contenders baseball is limited to 700 total cases and also features top prospects Buster Posey, Gordon Beckham, Rick Porcello, Neftali Feliz – and the first ever basketball contenders rookie cards of standouts OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley, and Derrick Rose.

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