Prizm Hobby Keeps Hitting, Extended Series Hockey Solicitation, World Baseball Classic Product of the Year?


Dave & Adam’s hobby podcast, The Chase EP. 238 had a packed show talking about the release of 2023 Prizm Football and some of these hits are insane.

The guest on the program was TeeJay, or better known as @natureluvzyou on Instagram. He is a collector, content creator and breaker that breaks primarily on Instagram.

Notably, breakers at BullpenLA recently pulled a CJ Stroud Gold Vinyl /5 which is arguably one of the biggest rookie cards pulled from the product.

Hits from 2023 Prizm Football are making their way to the secondary market selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

23/24 Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey solicitation was released and there are a few notable mentions to look forward to in that product. Cards like the Connor Bedard Young Gun Canvas Black and White variation will be making it’s way into packs. Other things to look out for are numbered Young Guns, retro throw backs, and super short prints like the Population Count. Keep an eye on Dave & Adam’s website to see when that product will release.

2023 Topps World Baseball Classic released late last year and hit our breaking rooms not too long after and has yet to disappoint. In one box you are guaranteed one autograph or autographed patch card. In our Fanatics Live lounge, our breakers went through case after case of the hot product, with an autograph patch card of Shohei Ohtani, amongst other huge hits.

A young collector out in Missouri hit BIG with the Lionel Messi Superfractor 1/1 hit out of 2023 Topps Chrome MLS. In the original post on X by Restlesscraft Breakers, show a smiling young collector holding the Superfractor. Many people speculate that card could potentially pay for his college tuition, if he chooses to sell it.

A reminder to all of you new to breaking to check out Dave & Adam’s on Fanatics Live and to take advantage our exclusive gift code “DAVEADAMS20” for $20 off your first time purchase on Fanatics Live! This code is good through the end of January.

What type of collector are you? One Tik Toker posted her video of buying crayons in bulk to chase the color Dandelion to add to her collection. The yellow variation Dandelion was discounted back in 2017 making it a vintage collector’s item!

To watch the full episode of The Chase, check it out here.

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