Our Favorite Autographed Memorabilia

The other day we put out a list of some of the rare or unique finds we found for sale here in our warehouse. Today we want to approach this a little more seriously and share our favorite pieces of autographed memorabilia that we have for sale.

Michael Jordan- The Art of the Dunk Film Strip

Honestly this is a piece of art. By far my favorite thing we have for sale.

Wayne Gretzky Game Used Stick


Like I said the other day, anything that is game used is automatically pretty cool. Add to the fact that it is the “Great One”, well I don’t know if it gets too much better than that.

Barry Bonds – Autographed Case of “the clear”

Just kidding

Adrian Peterson Limited Edition First Touchdown Autographed Photo


We have an exclusive deal with Adrian Peterson and this was one of the special pieces we had him sign. A limited run of photos to commemorate his first touchdown scored in the NFL.

“The Three All-Stars”

This is Dave’s favorite piece that have put out in the last few years. A limited edition framed autographed photo of Daniel Briere, Brian Campbell, and Ryan Miller from the 2007 NHL All-Star Game.

And since we are on a Sabres kick…

French Connection Autographed Throwback Jersey

A throwback jersey autographed by the members of the French Connection. A must have for any life long Sabres fan.


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