NBA Flex creators offering reward for return of Lonzo Ball Flexagon tiles

Sequoia Games is calling on all NBA Flexers! They’re looking for your Series 2 Lonzo Ball Flexagon tiles.

“We goofed on our Lonzo Ball Flexagon tile in Series 2, and we want to get these back, please,” Sequoia said.

According to the company, the Flexagon tile was “printed with characteristics and Flex moves we planned for an upcoming Legendary player,” and templates got erroneously mixed up.

Oh, and not to mention, they’re offering a reward of $100 in FLEX NBA store credit for one sent back by a customer.

Sequoia also says the erroneous Flexagons are too powerful in gameplay, and the company does not want to disrupt the game, especially with an upcoming tournament series. 

Customers must register each Lonzo Ball Flexagon tile to their account in advance as proof of ownership, and Sequoia will de-register each upon receipt.

To qualify for the $100 in FLEX NBA store credit, email  [email protected] with your name, address, phone and Flexagon Token Number (FTN). 

Sequoia says the offer is valid through June 15 and to return the tiles by June 30 to qualify. It is a limit of one per customer email and address.

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