Major League Baseball Player’s Baseball Card Clubhouse Event

Have you heard of the Baseball Card Clubhouse?

Major League Baseball Players teamed up with Upper Deck, Topps, and Ultra Pro to offer a great program to Cub Scouts around the country. Scout groups can go into local participating hobby shops and participate in one of the Baseball Card Clubhouse events. During the event the troops learn about baseball cards and are given a nice Ultra Pro binder, 2 Packs of Baseball Cards (1 Topps, 1 Upper Deck), and a pretty cool badge for their uniforms. It is a great program to educate young people about the history as well as current information on baseball cards, and give them something to start their collection.

We recently held an event at one of our Buffalo area hobby stores and the scouts had a blast! Below is a slideshow showing a couple pictures of different scout groups we have had, as well as the kits they receive.


For more information on the program, check out this MLB Players site.

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