How Much is a 1952 Topps Baseball High Number Case Worth?

With Mickey Mantle’s 1952 Topps #311 being double printed, an average case of 1952 Topps Baseball High Number would contain 50 or more potentially pristine examples. PSA 10’s (which there are only 3 of) would probably have an estimated value of somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million dollars if they surfaced at auction– so how much would a sealed case of 1952 Topps Baseball High Number be worth?

Before we get crazy trying to figure that out, the case above is actually empty. These images come to us from friend and fellow dealer Joe Tuttle who recently acquired it. Joe purchased the case from legendary dealer Al “Mr. Mint” Rosen. The case was originally from Mr. Mint’s 1952 Topps Find in Boston, MA that yielded an incredible amount of gem mint high numbers.

What makes 1952 Topps Baseball even more interesting is the infamous story that goes along with the high numbers. With the product sitting stagnant on dime store shelves Topps ended up having trouble selling the cases. To get rid of them Topps ended up dumping hundreds of cases into the ocean off the coast of New Jersey!

Created by the “Father of Modern Baseball Cards” Sy Berger, 1952 Topps remains one of the most popular sets of all time. Even an empty case is a sight to see.

So how much do you think this case would be worth sealed?

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