Dave & Adam’s mailbag: Satisified football customer

From time to time we get e-mails from customers about their shopping experience here at Dave & Adam’s. We received this note from Allan who had some success with a recent purchase of Football boxes.

To Dacradworld,

I am a 46 year old novice to football card collecting.  I started in earnest in December of 2012, I have been retired due to a job related work injury.  Taking up this hobby was my next step to recovery.  I value my educational knowledge in all things in regards to my life as well as my new found hobby.

I recently made a online purchase in a transaction of a 2014 Panini Certified and a 2012 Panini Prime Signatures in invoice #28—-.

I am very pleased with my break, I not only received a Certified hot box but also pulled a 1/5 card.  I wanted to share this with you on how pleased I am with your prompt service and great bussiness attitude!  To find such a professional staff is rare to say the least in this day and age.

As a member of Cardboard Connection’s forum, Card Collectors World, I have shared my break in this forum mentioned at “Football Showcase” under the thread, Dacardworld, with the pen name hayn.  Please read, view and review this thread break at your convenience, your professionalism inspired this particular thread.  I am looking forward in another purchase in Mid-November for my birthday present.

Thank you,

Allan M.

Thank you Allan for your business and we hope you have a great birthday in a few weeks. You can contact DA Cardworld at [email protected] if you have questions or comments about our customer service.

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