Dave & Adam’s Launches “Fresh” Program!

Dave & Adam’s has announced a new and innovative way to help collectors keep their case and box investments safe with their Dave & Adam’s Fresh program. 

“Unopened boxes and cases have been a proven investment over the last several years,” Dave & Adam’s Owner and Founder Adam Martin said. “However, we have seen an increase in fraud in the unopened box and case market, some of which has been very public. With our program, any box or case you purchase from the Fresh program came from the factory to us and is 100% untampered with.”

Customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the Factory Fresh or Case Fresh options. Factory Fresh is a case that came to Dave & Adam’s directly from the manufacturer and is shrink-wrapped in Dave & Adam’s Factory Fresh wrap. What makes the patent pending process unique is that not only does the wrapped product receive its own QR code security label, but also a link to a video of the entire wrap process of that product. You actually have a video on your phone of your box or case being encapsulated. 

The Case Fresh program contains a box of cards that was pulled directly from a sealed case from the manufacturer and placed in an acrylic display case with tamper-proof security stickers. The acrylic display is then wrapped in Case Fresh wrap and the QR code security label is applied. 

Dave & Adam’s, founded in 1991, is considered one of the largest online sellers of trading cards in the world. Located near Buffalo, NY,  the company operates several warehouse facilities in Tonawanda, NY, in addition to a one-of-a-kind retail superstore located in Williamsville, NY, a second location in partnership with Topps Trading Cards in Cooperstown, NY as well as a retail store and facility in Roermond, Netherlands. 

For more information, please visit dacardworld.com/fresh.

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