Cyber Monday Specials at Dave and Adam’s!

Our first wave of cyber Monday Specials are up now on our website and we have another wave of specials coming tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST! To go along with the Cyber Monday specials, we also have a great promotion from Leaf Trading Cards where you will get bonus Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs for purchasing select products. The Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs each contain an Autograph, a Game Used Card, or a Press Plate – these packs are loaded!

Here are the Products you can purchase tomorrow  to get the Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs!


Earlier we sent out an email stating which products would be eligible for Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs that included 2012 Leaf Cut Signature and 2012 Leaf Best of Football – we apologize for the error, this was incorrect, these products are not eligible for Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs.

Once again – these Leaf Holiday Bonus Pack eligible box specials will launch tomorrow at 9 AM EST, along with a second wave of Cyber Monday Specials. In the meantime – check out Wave 1 of our Cyber Monday Specials along with the “leftover” Black Friday deals that are still available!

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