Coming Soon: DACW Live! Box and Case Breaks

DACW Live Box Breaks

Dave and Adam’s Live Box and Case Breaks are coming soon! We are currently building our DACW Live Box Break Studio as well as the Dave and Adam’s Card Lounge. It’s an idea that has been suggested to us by our customers for a long time, but we wanted to come up with a way to put our stamp on it. We have a lot of exciting things planned and are working on implementing even more interactive live content.


We plan on having a vast amount of products available for “on-demand” live box breaks. We’ll mix in a variety of breaks from new releases to older products, but it will always be kept interesting. We are even kicking around ideas for “throwback” breaks and other fun concepts. Initially you will be able to buy into random team case breaks or have a box or case broken by us live.


We are working on setting up a studio area that will have high quality lighting, high definition cameras, and high end sound. We are very excited about the “live” possibilities and programming we will bring to our customers from the DACW Live Box Break Studio and the Dave and Adam’s Card Lounge.


We can’t reveal all that we have in store, but we plan on introducing many interactive elements throughout our breaks. In any break at any time you just might win a huge prize on the spot.


Whether you are opening or watching a box of cards get opened, it’s a good time. We want to make DACW Live something you can enjoy participating in, or something that allows you to sit back and be entertained.

Fast, Affordable Shipping

We plan to ship all cards from weekday breaks the day after the break takes place. Our shipping rates to participate in a break or have a box or case opened for you are also going to be very reasonable.

To make this the best it can be, we’ll always be working with our customers and participants to improve it with suggestions. If you have any feedback you’d like to give us or if you would like any more information please email our breaker – Brian Buckley at [email protected]

We will be launching a dedicated area of our website soon for DACW Live. Look for more updates and how you can get in on the first breaks coming soon!

2 Responses to Coming Soon: DACW Live! Box and Case Breaks

  1. Eirik June 3, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    will this be open for international customers aswell?

  2. Dave and Adam's Card World
    Dave and Adam's Card World June 6, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    Eirik, this will be open to International Customers as well. Look for more information coming soon!