Best Tremendous Ten Celebration Ever

One of the perks of purchasing a Dave & Adam’s Hit Parade pack is the possibility of finding a Tremendous Ten redemption card. If you land one of these redemption cards you will have a chance to win an amazing prize, it could be graded cards, DA Cardworld gift certificates, boxes of cards or even cases of cards. For Hit Parade Series 2 Baseball the top Tremendous Ten prize was a case of 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball. When it was time to draw for the prizes there were two Tremendous Ten redemptions still unclaimed, and when that happens we randomly select a person that purchased that Hit Parade pack to participate in the draw. As it turns out one of our random winners had some good luck….

For the price of one pack of Hit Parade Baseball ($9.95) he was able to win a $570 case of Bowman Chrome Baseball. We currently have some great Hit Parade packs available for purchase, including 1956 Edition Baseball and Series 3 Hockey (where you can win a case of 2013-14 In The Game Heroes & Prospects Hockey).

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