2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball

After the buzz created by last year’s edition, 2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball is back on the collecting scene for another run around the bases – this time with only 87 limited edition boxes! This is the pinnacle of high-end collecting, each hand-crafted wooden box contains four different one-of-one hits, 50 framed autographs limited to 25 copies or less, and many other unique collectibles! One of those being an invitation to a VIP event featuring the all-time great and 21x MLB All-Star Hank Aaron.

Inside each Transcendent Collection Case are the following cards and memorabilia:

– 1 Complete Set of Transcendent Icons Base Cards
– 1 Complete Set of Transcendent MLB Moments Sketch Card Reproductions
– 50 Transcendent Collection Autograph Cards: Every autograph will be sequentially numbered to 25 or less! NEW!
– One 1-of-1 Aaron Judge Topps History Autograph Card NEW!
– One 1-of-1 MVP Cut Signature or MVP Autograph or MVP Dual Autograph NEW!
– One 1-of-1 Transcendent Moments Sketch Card or Authentic MLB Baseball Sketch
– One 1-of-1 Oversized Cut Signature Card
– 1 Hank Aaron VIP Experience Invitation

Topps Transcendent Collection delivers a VIP Experience Invitation in each of its 87 boxes. Recipients will be invited to attend a private, one-of-a-kind celebration honoring the legendary Hank Aaron. This event is taking place today (January 16, 2018) in Atlanta, GA. After careful thought, we decided to open our case and take out the VIP Experience Invitation so that a lucky customer of ours could use it and go on the trip.

However we did not open the remaining contents of the case. We would like to assure anyone reading that the rest of the content remains untampered with and can be purchased from us without any hesitation. David Silver, CFO & co-Owner of Dave & Adam’s, personally did the box-break to take the pass out as shown in the video below. We then resealed the case with the blue security tape as seen in the photos. For more information on Topps Transcendent please check out dacardworld.com.

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