$1,000,000 Bounty set for the Connor Bedard Outburst Gold 1/1 Young Guns

Rumors are swirling around, absolutely flying! Everyone can sleep easy now because if you thought Dave & Adam’s wasn’t putting out a bounty for the 1/1 Outburst Gold Connor Bedard Young Guns, you were out of your mind. The most sought-after Connor Bedard rookie card could get you $1,000,000 from us.

That’s right, we’re two more practice skates away from the game on Wednesday, the release day of 2023/24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Hobby, so keep your eye on the prize as you rip through hobby packs. Hardcore and casual hockey collectors around the world, it’s your time to shine for a shot at a million for the coveted Gold Outburst Bedard YG.

Here’s the thing. The card must be in good condition. That’s right, no damage like dents, dings, creases, or scrapes. It should look like it would grade a 9.


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Speculation began where the Connor Bedard Young Guns would land in general since the beginning of the NHL season. While collectors got the Bedard easter egg card in Series 1, nothing compares to that Young Gun, especially when Upper Deck decided to give its flagship product a different look by introducing a chase 1/1 Young Guns for each rookie.

If you’re wondering just how special this kid and card is, look no further than Bedard himself being the cover athlete for this product. Have we hooked you on the idea of pulling a million-dollar card yet? Hopefully, you answered yes because we have just the place for you to start your chase! Series 2 boxes and cases are available now on dacardworld.com.

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