What’s Up in The Lounge – November 18

New name, same writer. Giving the old Last Week in the Lounge a different feel and I have some interesting new ideas going forward. I’m still going to be showing off the best hits since the last entry.

Last week’s biggest release was easily 2015 Topps Finest Football. We sold out 5 case breaks of it and broke several personal boxes. The hits did not disappoint and we have been extremely impressed. I’m a huge fan of the 1995 Finest inserts, I just love those mid-to late 90s style cards that are just absolutely bonkers.

scharbercontNot to be overlooked was the release of 2015 Panini Contenders Draft Baseball. A heavy college themed baseball product showcases some of the best prospects in baseball today. Our case break yielded a huge cracked ice hit of Kyle Schwarber. Schwarber was amazing in the playoffs this year and seems to have a very bright future ahead of him, as his cards are commanding huge dollar signs.

When you break Upper Deck hockey the goal is to either pull the big rookie in the class or The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. We had a bit of a Gretzky hot streak lately which is something that benefits everyone.


Just yesterday, we had a personal break of some Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey. In the 2013/14 Black Diamond Box we pulled an absolutely awesome Vladimir Tarasenko /99 Ice Premiere Rookie card. I bring it up not only because it’s amazing but that there are still great hits still out there! Don’t be afraid to go away from big new releases there is still great value in older products.


Finally my favorite hit of the week. John Elway 30/30 auto from 2014 Quantum Football. Absolutely gorgeous.

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