What’s Up in The Lounge – December 23

The past few days in the lounge have been dominated by two products, 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball and 2015/16 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey. It has been crazy with non-stop breaks of each, so I’m just going to have a “drool gallery” for both.

2015 Topps Dynasty…Roger Maris 1/1 Cut and Ichiro!

ichiro dynasty Maris Cut

2015/16 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey…count ‘em THREE McDavid autos!

My favorite hit is more of a favorite story rather than hit. I usually have an internal checklist for big hits that I’ve pulled for customers in breaks and this is one I’ve been waiting for, the Johnny Gaudreau Ice Premiere. I didn’t get any in our group breaks or personal breaks of 2014/15 Upper Deck Ice Hockey, but then out of nowhere we received a personal break for a single box, and in the first pack there he is, Johnny Hockey himself. I finally get some closure and now get to look forward to the 2015/16 edition.

JH ice

Merry Christmas from the DACW Live crew!

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