What’s Up in the Lounge?! – May 10th

We’re going to start off this week’s edition with an exciting announcement. The Lounge is going to start to offer to buy back your big hits! After any group or personal break that is opened here in the Lounge if there are hits that truly catch our eye, we will be offering to buy the card back from you with a store credit. We will be basing our offer off of recent completed eBay sales but without any of the annoying selling fees! The store credit can be used on anything on our site! You of course are under no obligation to accept the offer and if the offer is not accepted in 24 hours we will send out the card. Its just another fun way to enjoy breaking with us!

This week was a bit quiet on the new release front but I was able to open a little bit of 2015/16 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey and the early returns are pretty positive. I definitely saw a vast improvement over last year’s release (not to say last year’s was bad) but incorporating the sleek O-Pee-Chee inserts from 2015/16 Series 2 Hockey and “platting” them out was a great idea. We have a group break up of it and I would love to sell it out and really be able to dig into this set! Grab a spot!

opc plat

2015/16 OPC Platinum Hockey

Just because we didn’t have many new release hits to show doesn’t mean that there weren’t amazing hits pulled in the Lounge this week! I’ll display one of my famous “drool galleries” right here to show off what we snagged for our breakers! I will admit I wish that Hasek card was in a Sabres uniform, but that’s just me!

The Cody Count is ay 92! We’re so close! Join me in the Late Night Lounge so we can finally give away this box of Cup!

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