What’s Up in the DACW Live Lounge – September 28th

Fall is officially here which means that football is underway, baseball season is wrapping up, and the basketball and hockey seasons are about to start. In the hobby, that means the new seasons are sprouting up and the last few releases from last season are hitting the shelves. The hobby is so much more enjoyable when you are pulling the cards as the guys are performing well.

The new release that I was really looking forward too was 2015/16 Upper Deck Premier Hockey. Last year was the first year of the product and it took the hobby by storm! It had a very Cup-like feel to it and delivered phenomenal relic hits to go along with a tremendous checklist of signers. Think of it as a lovechild of Cup and the dearly missed Panini Prime Hockey. This year did not miss on delivering big hits but I feel they really cleaned up the designs to make them much sharper looking. With a stronger rookie class it was the felt even more! Now of course, the DACWLive Lounge is the place to pull Connor McDavid rookie autos and this release did not buck that trend. As you can see pulling a stunning rookie patch auto AND a Super Rookie patch auto parallel in back to back breaks of the product just goes to show the magic that lies within these walls. It’s the perfect product to break based on the quality of hits and the reasonable price point. We have a break up of it now, GET IN IT!


Sometimes when a new product comes out our initial breaks of it don’t tend to deliver the normal amount of mojo that we are conditioned to delivering, it’s just sometimes just not in the cards (pun obviously intended). However, we have seen that it sometimes just takes a little time for the breaks to heat up! No doubt that is the case with 2015/16 Panini Luxe Basketball! It now has a new price point and we’ve been breaking more and more of it and lo and behold some filthy frames have emerged! Framed cards have become more and more popular in the hobby and these two were quite noteworthy. Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony; two sure-fire hall of famers who play (or played in Kobe’s case) in the country’s marquee markets are massive draws. Hopefully we will be able to keep up the pace we’ve set with Luxe in future breaks, because believe me there will be more of them.

Before I get to my favorite hit, I want to mention a truly good haul from one spot in one of our recent 2016 Topps Strata break. The Atlanta Braves got both of these amazing hits for the measly price of $29.95. A Hank Aaron auto AND a FILTHY Chipper Jones shadowbox auto?? Talk about return on investment, congratulations CJ!


On to my favorite hit, this great 1/1 Tavon Austin Patch which was pulled from a new lounge favorite: 2013 Panini Spectra Football. You guys know how sneaky-good of a product it is and how big a fan of Spectra products I am. I don’t know the black X-Fractors just get me. I just love the look of them!



That will wrap up this edition; our weekly football promotion is still trucking along with phenomenal results. Also, don’t forget to grab a spot in MY hockey mixer break! I’m a few spots behind Sean and if I lose to him I might have to rethink my entire existence!

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