What’s Up in The DACW Live Lounge – April 20th

The 2016 baseball season is still in it’s infancy but that does not preclude the release of some great baseball products! We’ve already seen Topps Legacies and Gypsy Queen pop up and last week’s arrival of 2016 Topps Museum Collection made things in the DACW Live Lounge even more exciting (is that even possible?!?). Museum Collection easily offers some of the best hits of the year; namely the autographed frame cards.With a greater emphasis on prime relic pieces and the return of the frame cards, this year’s release truly stands out from past releases. It seems in nearly every box we break there is something rather special. I was also FINALLY able to pull a 1/1 original canvas collection sketch card, of either Goose Gossage or Ron Guidry. You be the judge…the card didn’t specify.

museum rookies

museum sketch

Here in the DACW Lounge we tend to open a lot of Flawless Basketball, and for good reason; as it’s the best basketball release of the year. Last week’s break of it may have been the best we’ve ever had. Our case contained BOTH Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins autos along with the 1/1 Diamond Relic of James Harden! Getting just one of those three in a case is hard enough, let alone all of them together.

Finally, for my favorite hit of the week it has to be this stunning Steve Carlton 1/1 Auto pulled from 2015 Topps Five Star Baseball. I’ve opened plenty of this product, but had yet to pull a 1/1 base autograph and I was truly impressed. I’m a big fan of the base autograph card’s design in the first place but the gold rainbow foil really made it stand out, as some other 1/1 cards don’t look that much different from base cards.


Our Cody Count Cup Challenge is inching closer to finding a winner as there are only 35 spots left! Don’t miss out on it and join me in the Late Night Lounge TONIGHT to get involved in the most creative use of Cody Hodgson cards ever conceived!

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