Notes from the DACW Live Breaks Lounge

We just finished up making new breaks for the next few weeks that are now available for purchase and it got us thinking about the variety of breaks we offer. Alex and I are curious – what are our customers thoughts? After all…they are the ones that keep us going and whose input matters the most to us.

So let’s hear it…

We would like to know what types of breaks you want to see more of offered.

  • More random team or pick your team breaks?
  • Do you like random serial number or random hit breaks?
  • We offer case, multi box, and mixer breaks. Do you have a preference in the amount of boxes that are in the breaks?
  • Is there a type of break out there that we are not doing that you would like to see offered?

Some other things we’d love to get your feedback on:

  • What type of product would you like to see offered? We have access to many different years and sports & non-sports cards.
  • If a product contains expired redemptions does that affect your decision in buying into the break?
  • We have done a few non-sport breaks over the years and would like to know which products and format you would want to see in these types of breaks.
  • Do you like older product? Due to our access to inventory we can put together 3-4 box breaks of some pretty cool older product.

Let’s hear your thoughts! Please send any feed back or ideas you have to us at [email protected]. Alex and I look forward to hearing from you!


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