Last Week in The Lounge! – 10/6/15

Welcome to Last Week in the Lounge, this is a weekly blog entry from everyone’s favorite DACW Live Box Breaker, Alex. I will bring you all the big hits from the week that was.

Last week Wednesday, could only be described as a case breaker’s dream day. 2015 Topps Five Star, 2014/15 Panini Flawless Basketball, and 2014/15 Cup Hockey were all released together. The week was jam-packed with huge hits from all three of them!

Wiggins Red wiggins 5of10

Let’s start with the hits from Flawless. Andrew Wiggins has rightfully dominated the hobby this past year and with Flawless containing some of his most exclusive hits our breakers were especially stoked to pull TWO last week.
Steph Curry flaw exum 1of1
It would be a crime to not include these two hits as well… an absolutely disgusting patch auto of the NBA MVP and NBA Champion Steph Curry and a 1/1 Flawless Diamond of the International Man of Mystery Dante Exum!
joc silver sig
Topps Five Star provided us a beautiful auto of one of the game’s brightest stars, Joc Pederson. Silver Signatures are always a highlight of each year’s Five Star Release and this one was especially good.

Upper Deck the Cup is the pinnacle of the hockey card collecting world. Each year’s release day could be considered a holiday. Our case break of Cup yielded a HUGE rookie patch autograph of Bo Horvat /99. Look at that patch, fantastic hit.
griffey 5of5
Each week I will also include my favorite hit of the week. This one is a doozy a 5/5 Ken Griffey Jr. Quad Relic Auto from Immaculate.

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