DACW Live’s Super Serial Showdown

Hey DACW Live Lounge fans, it’s Alex and his pet gorilla Sean coming at you with a HUGE announcement!

In response to the resounding success of my “Cody Count Cup Challenge” Sean and I are offering an exciting new monthly challenge that is open to ALL personal breaks done here in the Lounge. We’re calling it the Super Serial Showdown (we’re all about alliterations in here). So, all you have to do is place a personal box order and pull a serial numbered card. The customer with the highest numbered card at the end of the month is our winner, and will win a free spot in an upcoming break along with $25 in store credit.

Some great box ideas are 2014/15 Upper Deck Lettermen Basketball, 2014 Bowman Sterling Football and any Topps Baseball series. Just stop by the DACW Live Lounge to see if were available for personal breaks, and then place your order (be sure to enter Please Break Live in the comments of your order). 

*Please note that the highest FIRST serial number is only eligible (xxx/9999)

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