DACW Live – Pick Your Team Breaks are Here!

Some exciting news to share today coming out of the DACW Live Lounge – Sean and Alex have announced that they will start offering Pick Your Team Breaks! What does that mean exactly? It means you can call your shot like Babe Ruth did in the 1932 World Series! Think the case of 2018 Panini Absolute Football will be loaded with Browns rookies like Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and others? Now you can buy it outright and not leave it up to a random draw! Just want the cards from your favorite team? Now you can buy your beloved Jacksonville Jaguars (there are Jags fans still in the US right? Haha we kid, we kid!). This is a great new way to experience our breaks and we know the breakers are super excited to start doing them! Our breaks are streamed live through Twitch, Breakers.TV, and YouTube, encouraging participants to interact during the break and are always a fun time; when a great card gets pulled, we can’t help but get excited ourselves! That’s the beauty of box breaks – you never know what you’ll get and you can’t help but feel a little adrenaline rush every time there’s a pull.

The links below are the first four Pick Your Team Breaks we are going to be doing:

2017/18 Panini Spectra Basketball

2017/18 Panini Vanguard Basketball

2018 Panini Absolute Football

2016/17 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey

If you want to get in on the action (and you know you do!) check out our box break schedule for more information on upcoming breaks. If you are new to breaking and have some questions still just head over to our box break FAQ for answers to pretty much anything!

Have you had any great pulls from one of our breaks or one of your own? Share your story in the comments below or post on social media (FacebookTwitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #DACWPulls!


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