DACW Live – Meet the Breakers!

Welcome back to a special edition of The Best Box Break Hits of the Week from the DACW Live Lounge and our team of breakers. Our breaks are streamed live through Twitch, Breakers.TV, and YouTube, encouraging participants to interact during the break and are always a fun time; when a great card gets pulled, we can’t help but get excited ourselves! That’s the beauty of box breaks – you never know what you’ll get and you can’t help but feel a little adrenaline rush every time there’s a pull. Follow along here on the blog as we will be recapping and showcasing some of the best pulls each week.

This edition will be taking a quick look at everyone’s favorite breakers Sean and Alex! (follow them on Twitter @DACWLiveBreaks)

Sean Cummins

  • Dave & Adam’ Experience: 3.5 years
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills
  • Least Favorite Team: New York Yankees
  • Favorite Personal Sports Card/Memorabilia Item: Has a complete (minus a helmet) uniform form his Grandfather’s semi-pro football team
  • Favorite DACW Live Moment: 2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball break where they pulled a Babe Ruth Cut Autograph Card!
  • Random Facts: Sean is a BIG ghost hunter! He also is on a mission to obtain an autograph from every member to play for the Buffalo Bills. There are over 1,200 players on the all-time roster (including the 1980s strike players) and Sean is exactly 125 away going into the 2018 season!

Alex Fabiilli

  • Dave & Adam’s Experience: 5.5 years
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Team: Milwaukee Bucks
  • Least Favorite Team: Philadelphia Flyers
  • Favorite Personal Sports Card/Memorabilia Item: 2000 Donruss Preferred Jim Kelly/Doug Flutie Dual Auto Card
  • Favorite DACW Live Moment: 2014/15 Upper Deck Series One break when a giant stink bug came from out of nowhere and made Sean freak out live on camera!
  • Random Facts: Ice-T once liked a tweet of Alex’s.

If you want to get in on the action (and you know you do!) check out our box break schedule for more information on upcoming breaks. If you are new to breaking and have some questions still just head over to our box break FAQ for answers to pretty much anything! Have you had any great pulls from one of our breaks or one of your own? Share your story in the comments below or post on social media (FacebookTwitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #DACWPulls! Finally, we will leave you with this classic photo of Sean and Alex:


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