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DACW Live Breaks social media accounts to merge with Dave & Adam’s accounts

A message from our Breakers:

Announcement – June 14th will be the last day the DACW Live Breaks Instagram and Twitter accounts will be active. This doesn’t mean we won’t be on social media…we’re just now going to be posting from the Dave & Adam’s Instagram and Twitter accounts going forward.

Following @dacardworld will give you all the most up to date information on all things happening with breaks, the company and in the industry. Nothing will change from a breaking standpoint…we will still be streaming on twitch, youtube,, and our homepage.

We are extremely excited for the move as it will help DACWLive Breaks reach even MORE people! Thank you to all our loyal followers who helped both accounts grow over the past few years…now go follow @dacardworld!

~ Sean & Alex


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