DACW Live – The Best Box Break Hits of the Week 4/9 – 4/22

best live box break hits

Welcome back to another round of The Best Box Break Hits of the Week from the DACW Live Lounge and our team of breakers. Our breaks are streamed live through Twitch, encouraging participants to interact during the break and are always a fun time; when a great card gets pulled, we can’t help but get excited ourselves! That’s the beauty of box breaks – you never know what you’ll get and you can’t help but feel a little adrenaline rush every time there’s a pull. Follow along here on the blog as we will be recapping and showcasing some of the best pulls each week.

So without further ado, here are some of the awesome, rare, and more valuable cards from our box breaks the past two weeks:

We’ll start this edition of the blog with a quad auto patch from Carmelo Anthony, all four swatches are showing plenty of breaks and color and Melo’s auto is actually pretty good for a modern athlete. This card came from 2016/17 Panini Grand Reserve and is numbered 6/10.

Switching over to football, some nice hits from the gridiron featuring a Hall of Famer and a sure bet future Hall of Famer. Starting off from 2017 Flawless – Aaron Rodgers auto patch encased and numbered 3 of 5! The patch itself is amazing as well, looks to be from the shoulder sleeves and showcases the Packers distinct yellow green white stripes. Finishing things off is this 2016 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Michael Irvin autograph.

It was another great couple of weeks of hits for our breakers in the lounge. If you want to get in on the action (and you know you do!) check out our box break schedule for more information on upcoming breaks. If you are new to breaking and have some questions still just head over to our box break FAQ for answers to pretty much anything!

Have you had any great pulls from one of our breaks or one of your own? Share your story in the comments below or post on social media (FacebookTwitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #DACWPulls!


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