Coming Soon to a Break Near You – DACW Live and Twitch!


The DACW Live team is switching to ( on Monday, January 29th! We will be exclusively streaming on Twitch at that point. For those unfamiliar Twitch is a part of Amazon’s live streaming video services. Their community is filled with millions of people with thousands of interests across all things video games and pop culture! With chat built into every stream, you don’t just watch on Twitch, you’re a part of the show. From classic TV show marathons to eSports tournaments; it’s probably live on Twitch right now!

There are a few key features that made the switch to Twitch an easy one here at the offices to make. The move will allow us to have more interaction with YOU! We will be able to work better with our viewers to create a channel and culture that will be the best in the breaker community! The video quality of our breaks will increase as well!

Signing up for a Twitch account is quick and easy! You can connect with your already established Facebook account and then go to settings – notifications. Make sure your notifications are turned on, you can have them emailed or on your mobile device app. Doing this will allow you to know when we go live every time.

Below is a handy gif that shows you how to set up notifications:

For the month of February we will have special giveaways with our breaks to celebrate the switch to Twitch! We appreciate everyone joining us for our next phase of DACW Live!

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