The Rise of Captain Marvel

With the massive success of Avengers: Infinity War, comic fans are chomping at the bit to get the next piece of the puzzle that is the 4th film for Earth’s mightiest heroes. They won’t have to wait too much longer as Carol Danvers makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on March 8th, 2019, with the release of Captain Marvel! We are thrilled to announce that Will Mason (our head comic book buyer) just purchased some of the most iconic moments in Carol Danvers’ history. Will was able to pick up a  Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1st appearance), a Ms. Marvel #1 (1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel) and an Avenging Spider-Man #9 (1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel).

These books are some of the hottest, silver, bronze, and modern age books on the market right now, and their values only continue to climb.

If you have any significant golden age key issues, as well as silver and bronze age collections, don’t hesitate to contact Will via email at [email protected] or toll free at 1-866-461-0640 and he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have as well as discuss selling or consigning your collection with us.


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