Product Preview: Hit Parade Infinity War Graded Comic Edition Series 1

Hit Parade is getting really excited for the new Infinity War movie and they are celebrating with a new Hit Parade comic release: 2019 Hit Parade Infinity War Graded Comic Edition Series 1. The Infinity War Edition is giant sized with 200 total boxes in series 1, which is DOUBLE the normal release. This edition includes all of your favorite Marvel heroes from Infinity War including Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos, Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man and more! To say this edition is loaded with hits is an understatement, with comics from almost ten different franchises there are great first appearances and first issues. Some of the hits include:

Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 4.5 UK Edition- 1st Thor & Rare Pence Copy – Est. Value $4000

Iron Man #55 CGC 9.4 – 1st Appearances of Thanos and Drax The Destroyer Signed by Jim Starlin – Est. Value $3500

Marvel Super-Heroes #13 CGC 8.0 – 1st Carol Danvers Appearance -Est. Value $2200

Avengers #4 CGC 4.0 – 1st Silver Age Captain America Appearance -Est. Value $1000

Avengers #57 CGC 8.0 – 1st Appearance of The Vision – Est. Value $600

Amazing Spider-Man #33 CGC 9.0 – Classic Ditko Cover – Est. Value $500

Marvel Super-Heroes #18 CGC 7.5 – 1st Guardians of the Galaxy Appearance – Est. Value $450

Avengers #2 CGC 4.0 – 1st Appearance of The Space Phantom – Est. Value $400

Tales of Suspense #59 CGC 8.5 – 1st Solo Cap Story since the 1950s – Est. Value $400

Infinity Gauntlet #1 CGC 9.8 – Classic George Perez Thanos Cover – Est. Value $200

Each box will contain one graded CGC or CBCS comic book from one of the Marvel franchises. All of these graded comic books are universally graded, meaning every book has no restoration. If you are a fan of Marvel and looking forward to the new movie as much as we are get your box today before Thanos snaps his fingers!

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