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Free Comic Book Day a HUGE Success!

Free Comic Book Day at our retail store was a huge success this year due to our amazing staff. Here is what our resident artist Jeff Perdziak had to say to his fellow co-workers:

Not sure if it’s my place to do so…. but… I have something I would like to say… or share…. so here goes…

So Free Comic Book Day….

As you all know I am a comic book Superhero loving kind of guy. So this day is an important day to me. Comics and my heroes mean a lot more than some people know. It may sound odd, perhaps even childish… but… these stories and characters have always brought me peace, escape from reality, inspiration… not only as an artist, but to be a better person. And has created many friendships over the years. With that said… this day is a celebration of all that… for me, to be able to share with others the opportunity to read comics and get just a little bit out of them that I do. Perhaps even more. Which would be a beautiful thing. Even before I worked at D&A, I would do whatever I could for who ever it was to make FCBD a success. Now… with the opportunity to be on the inside… coordinating a stage for a show for everyone to see COMICS. To be there for my artist friends to give them a stage, with 1000 people, to show case their work… I can’t think of a better gift to me. This weekend meant the world to me. Not only because of comics, but the trust… and confidence you all had in me. Right from my coworkers that I work side by side with day to day to our 3 awesome mangers… and to the Warehouse, Will, Eric & Mike, for participating, and Mark with Nickel City Con, plus the awesome Star Wars Hit Parade… I’ve had support and success in previous jobs… but this was something personal. Something that came from, not only my “energetic, latte fueled, personality” but from my heart. It was quite extraordinary. To see the store fill up with people… like it was just filling up with water!!! And as each one of you approached me with a smile, a high five and a “awesome job Jeff”… I didn’t totally know how to react…. did I do this? Perhaps the idea… but without each and everyone of you doing what you did, and fueling me with positive energy…. it wouldn’t have been what it was. “I” had a vision… but “WE” did it!!!  What a great weekend!!!
Thank you.

Check out some pictures from the weekend:

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