DACW Buying Team: Tri-State Buying Trip Recap


We just got back from our most recent buying excursion that included stops in NYC for the NYC Special Edition Comic Con as well as the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. Along the way we made stops in New Jersey to pick up a great collection of Golden Age Batman issues. We also were lucky enough to get our hands on a great assortment of CGC graded key issues including Jackpot #4 (2nd appearance of Archie), Strange Tales #110 (1st appearance of Doctor Strange), and Journey into Mystery #83 (1st appearance of Thor).

This was a great haul and we are constantly traveling the country in search of your comic books. Don’t hesitate to contact us and turn your collection into piles of cash!


If you have comics you are looking to sell or have a collection you want to talk to us about, visit us at the show or contact us in advance by emailing [email protected], calling us toll free at 1-888-440-9787 x100, or fill out our sell comic books form here.

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