Coming Soon – Hit Parade Original Comic Book Art Edition – Series 1

One of the most exciting and unique Comic Hit Parade lines yet is about to hit the market! Hit Parade Original Comic Art Edition Series 1Β releases January 11th and it is your chance to own a piece of comic history. Each box in this 100-box run, contains one original art page of published comic art spanning the last 40 years. These are the pieces designed and drawn by the artists, that are then sent off to be printed. That’s essentially a 1-of-1 in every box! These pages can range from traditional pencils, pencil with ink’s, blue line pencil with ink’s, and painted pages as well. In addition this product is loaded with some of the biggest and well known artists in comics like George Perez, Steve Epting, Mark Bagley, Esad Ribic, and legendary Marvel artist and Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane! There are some amazing pieces in this run including:

Incredible Hulk #336 Original Art by Todd McFarlane – Est. Value $4000.00


Loki #2 Original Art by Esad Ribic – Est. Value $1500.00


Green Lantern #178 Original Art Rodney Ramos – Est. Value $500.00


All New Superman #16 Original Art Brent Peeples – Est. Value $500.00


Catwoman #34 Original Art Tom Nguyen – Est. Value $400.00


This is your chance to own pieces of comic history featuring some of the biggest characters like Catwoman, Deadpool, the X-Men, Justice League, Spider-Man and many more! Don’t delay because these one of a kind boxes will disappear fast!

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