The 1st Appearance of Marvel’s premier superhero family has arrived – Fantastic Four #1!

Our head comic buyer Will just purchased this amazing (sorry Spider-Man!) copy of Fantastic Four #1 from a customer while out in the Pacific Northwest. Considered by many to be the book that kicked off the silver age for Marvel Comics, this Fantastic Four #1 CGC 5.5 (OW) would be considered the center piece for just about any comic collection. Featuring the 1st appearances of the elastic Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), the “blink and she’s gone” Invisible Girl (Sue Storm), her hot-headed brother the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and the ever-lovin, blue-eyed, Thing (Ben Grimm), as well as their subterranean foe, the Mole Man. This signature piece is currently available for sale!

If you have a copy of Fantastic Four #1 as well as any other Golden, Silver or Bronze age comics, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-440-9787 ext. 117 and we will be happy to discuss your collection with you!

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