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Video Games


The Return of Nintendo?

In 1985 Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and saved the video game market from the famous 1983 video game crash. Since then Nintendo has been synonymous with the video game industry from the classic cartridges to some of the most popular video game franchises we know today. Nintendo launched the NES in October […]

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Get the Power, Nintendo Power

Before the internet, popular blogs and review sites the only way gamers could get their video game information on upcoming games and reviews were from video game magazines. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all had their own flagship video game magazines to cover just their systems and news. Besides the three main publications others were also […]

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The Rise of Nintendo 64

For many years Nintendo has arguably been the top company to collect in the industry and for good reason. Between all of the high profile video game franchises like Mario, Zelda & Metroid amongst others, the video games tend to hold value the longest. When most people decide to get into video game collecting they […]

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