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PSA 9 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Complete Set

Brag Post! Our Gaming Buyers recently completed a personal quest of theirs. They assembled a complete 103 card Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless, all PSA 9 MINT! The set is only 102 cards but the Pikachu was printed with both Red and Yellow cheeks so that accounts for the 103rd card. This is the first […]

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Huge lot of sealed Pokemon cards just processed and up for sale!

Our head gaming buyer Joe Steet has just finished processing an amazing collection of sealed Pokemon cards! Just look at the items we just got in! Two 1st Edition boxes of each Pokemon Neo expansion (Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Neo Revelation, and the very highly sought after Neo Destiny!), a box of Legendary Collection, several […]

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From Buffalo to Connecticut to New Jersey – A Video Game Buying Trip!

Earlier this month our head video game buyer Tony traveled to two of his favorite conventions along with some other stores and comic shops along the way in search of some cool games and other unique items! The traveling started in the first week of September as he headed to Connecticut to attend the RetroWorld […]

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Sega Master System – The Forgotten System

Pop Quiz Time: What was the first home console Sega produced for the North American market? Many casual gamers and collectors might think that was a softball question and answer with 1989’s Genesis. They, however, would be wrong as it was the Sega Master System released to compete with Nintendo’s NES in the Fall of […]

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GenCon Buying Recap

Gen Con 2018 is in the books and our gaming team here at Dave & Adam’s had a blast all week long in Indianapolis! For those unaware Gen Con is the longest-running gaming convention in the world! Think San Diego Comic-Con (comic books) or The National Sports Collectors Convention (sports collectibles and memorabilia). Gen Con’s […]

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Early Pokemon game thought to be lost forever finally resurfaces showing dozens of early and unused Pokemon concept designs!

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Pokemon? Our head Gaming Acquisitions and Events expert Blaine Campbell did and he along with other fans found some unreleased Pokemon, baby forms, evolutions, and other abandoned concepts in early copies of the Gold and Silver video games. Says Blaine, “It’s a very involved process. It begins […]

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Dave & Adam’s Gaming – Check out the unopened sealed Pokemon 1st Edition boxes we just got in!

The Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition English boxes are the Holy Grail pieces of any Pokemon collection. This is the very first printing of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it flew off the shelves when it first came out, and has been tremendously rare throughout its history for anyone ever looking to purchase one now. The […]

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2017 Hit Parade Gaming Chase the Charizards Hobby Box preorders are going fast – Catch them before they’re gone!

Hit Parade is excited to introduce their first gaming product – Chase the Charizards! This new product guarantees you one graded Charizard per pack with a chance at opening the absolute monster hit: a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard graded PSA 8 and worth nearly $4,000! A box or two are perfect for the hard to shop […]

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