Winning In The Windy City


The Dave & Adam’s Gaming Group attended the Grand Prix Chicago last weekend and spent a TON of cash on some spectacular Magic items! This event featured an on-site appearance of Christopher Rush, legendary artist behind such famous Magic cards as Lightning Bolt and Black Lotus! The Get Cash for Magic crew managed to pick up some original art playmats incorporating some of Rush’s famous illustrations and had them signed by him as well. These are sure to be a blast to play on everywhere from a top 8 table to a kitchen table.

The Get Cash for Magic crew also managed to pick up the following items:

•    A COMPLETE SET of Beta Power 9
•    A Playset of FOIL Rishadan Ports
•    Many Alpha, Beta, Unlimited and Revised Dual Lands
•    Player Reward FOIL Wastelands
•    And TONS of Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and Commander staples to help you complete your favorite decks!


So if you’re looking to complete your next tournament deck, finish Black-Bordering out your favorite eternal deck, or just looking to make a splash at your next Friday Night Magic, shop our vast Magic the Gathering selection to pick up any of these 1 of a kind items!

Members of the Dave & Adams Buying Team will be at San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con later this year so if you are planning on attending these shows, stop by our booth and say hi! We may even pay you cash for some of your gaming collectibles!

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