Vintage Baseball Card Purchase

Bob and the buying team have been purchasing all sorts of good stuff lately, including a couple collections of vintage baseball cards. We wanted to highlight two of these collections as we’re adding more vintage baseball cards to the site.

Vintage Baseball Cards

The first collection is mid-grade 1953 through 1956 Topps baseball cards. The commons and minor stars have been collated into starter sets that we already have for sale on our vintage baseball cards sets page. The stars are on their way to PSA for grading and will be for sale as soon as they return. Some of the highlights include a 1953 Jackie Robinson, 1954 Willie Mays, 1955 Ted Williams, and a couple 1956 Roberto Clemente cards.

1953 Topps Starter Set (120 Different Cards) Condition: EX

1953 Topps Starter Set


1954 Topps Starter Set (82 Different Cards) Condition: EX+/EX-MT

1954 Topps Baseball Set

1955 Topps Starter Set (80 Different Cards) Condition: EX

1956 Topps Starter Set (167 Different Cards) Condition: EX+

1956 Topps Starter Set


The second collection consists of Bowman baseball cards from 1949 through 1953. These cards came from the original owner and look like they have been in hiding since the day they came out of the pack. Stars and commons from this group will be traveling across the country to PSA, and once they return we’ll have them up for sale.

If you have anything to sell – whether it’s unopened boxes, vintage singles, modern singles, unopened wax, autographed memorabilia, or comics – contact us today!



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