The Vintage Card Division: 2009 Wrap Up

It has been a great year for our vintage card division.  We have had a couple really big purchases along with countless smaller ones.  As word gets out that Dave & Adam’s is focusing more on older sets and singles, a lot more cards are being offered to us, but it seems we are selling cards faster than we can buy them.

Along with a couple of major set runs of baseball, we also picked up some nice sets of football and hockey from the 1950’s.  Out of the thousands of singles we picked up, some of my favorites are a 1888 Scrapps Tobacco Charles Comiskey, 1928 Yuengling’s Ice Cream Lou Gehrig and of course the ultra rare 1960 Fleer Pepper Martin.

We look forward to growing our offering of vintage cards on the site in 2010 as we continue to pursue buying the largest collections we can find as well as the single card deals.

Hope everyone has a healthy and succesful 2010.

Bob Snyder

Dave and Adam’s Vintage Division


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