Star Wars Celebration Recap

Last Tuesday, the trio of Tony, Jimmy and Dave shipped off to Chicago, IL from our Buffalo, NY offices for the highly anticipated Star Wars Celebration convention of 2019. The five day event brought together fans from all over the world, reunited over their unanimous love for Star Wars. The D&A crew had an incredible weekend with the Star Wars faithful in the Windy City.

Trailer premiers and impressive panels highlighted the event for many, but much of the crowd congregated towards stands offering event exclusive pins, pops, figures and  more to the hopeful fans.

Big names like LEGO, Hasbro and Funko brought in thousands of excited fans yearning for a chance to purchase event exclusive pieces like Funko’s exclusive blue chrome Chicago Celebration exclusive pop set. LEGO’s booth had incredible displays for the crowd to enjoy. Completed Anniversary pieces lined exhibit walls allowing LEGO faithful to reminisce over past adventures of their childhood.  

With plenty of vintage and graded product available, the Dave & Adams booth had something to offer every fan. A multitude of comics; both graded and raw editions, were available to collectors. Vintage card backs and graded figures appealed to the most venturesome of collectors, whereas Funko Pops and loose figures offered a more affordable option for novice and veteran collectors alike.

After Wednesday’s setup, the crew tirelessly welcomed a slew of customers each day. From Thursday to Monday many collectors had specific purchases in mind, while others simply could not be kept away from our display cases of graded figures.

Our Toy Buyer Tony Meyer was able to find some absolutely amazing Star Wars toys and Star Wars Celebration Exclusives! Some of the highlights that our crew brought back from Chicago are a AFA Graded 12 back Luke SkyWalker, Darth Vader and R2-D2 as well as a very high grade AFA 90 Blue Snaggletooth, Yak Face and unpainted knee Boba Fett. Dave and Adams scooped up as many of the Star Wars Celebration Exclusives as possible to bring back to Buffalo and share with Star Wars fans that were unable to make it this year. Look for these special Hasbro Black Series Figures and Blue Chrome Funko Pops on our site and in upcoming Hit Parade releases

If you are looking for something specific or have any other questions about Star Wars Celebration 2019 please reach out to our toy buyer Tony Meyer at [email protected]


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