Look What We Bought This Week

We had a great mix of new items come through our doors this week at Dave & Adam’s Card World. It isn’t often many can say they purchased some vintage baseball cards along with a lot of Magic: The Gathering Singles, which is the beautiful thing about our buying team – THEY LITERALLY BUY IT ALL!!!!

We start with this 1959 Topps Baseball Set

Not many of these sets around these days so we take every opportunity to buy as many as we can. This set was purchased in Excellent (EX) condition and key cards include Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Stan Musial and Hank Aaron.

Next up we have a 1987/88 Topps Hockey Set – In fact, we bought 3!!

Key Rookie Cards in this set include Luc Robitaille, Adam Oates and Ron Hextall.

Finally in sports cards, we sent off some 1964 Topps Cards to PSA for grading. The cards are in Mint condition and we cannot wait to get them back to show them off. Here are images of the raw cards we submitted.

Amazing haul in the vintage department!!!!

Switching gears for a moment – We also buy gaming boxes, sets & singles. Everything from Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft and of course, Magic: The Gathering.

Ancestral Recall, BGS 9.5 (Yes, Gaming singles can be graded too)

Black Lotus, BGS 8.5

This Black Lotus card is part of the ‘Power-9’ set of cards that are now banned in most formats

Mox Ruby, BGS 9.5

The Mox Ruby is also a member of the ‘Power-9’ set of cards that are banned in most formats of play.

There you have it – another AMAZING week of buys from the staff here at Dave & Adam’s.

We are ALWAYS looking to buy vintage & modern sports card singles, boxes & sets as well as gaming singles and comic books. Contact us today to find out how you can make fast & easy cash by selling your collection.

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