LA Comic-Con Recap – When Spider-Man Met Sabrina!

This past weekend the streets of downtown Los Angeles were flooded with cosplayers and comic fans alike as the LA Comic Con took place. Our head comic buyer Will Mason was on hand and spent piles and piles of cash on same amazing new vintage comics. The crown jewel of  Will’s purchases is a lot of CGC graded Amazing Spider-Man issues. This lot contains some of the most important issues in the entire Spidey run including #2 (1st appearance of The Vulture), #3 (1st appearance of Dr. Octopus), #13 (1st appearance of Mysterio), #14 (1st appearance of Green Goblin) and #15 (1st appearance of Kraven the Hunter). In addition to all these milestones for Peter Parker, almost all of the books are signed by his legendary creator, Stan Lee! Excelsior indeed!

Will also managed to pick up some other great first appearances like Hank Pym (Tales to Astonish #27) as well as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Archie’s Madhouse #232) and more! Look for these to be available for sale in the coming weeks on our website

LA Comic Con will be our last comic convention for the year. We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who either bought from or sold to us, as well as stopped to chat throughout our many conventions this past year. 2018 was the best year to date for conventions and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store for the new year! That being said we are always buying, so if you have any Golden, Silver, or Bronze age comics you are in the market to sell, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone 1-888-440-9787 ext. 117, and we would be happy to discuss your collection with you.


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