Incredibly Rare Magic the Gathering Set Purchase

I buy Magic the Gathering cards everyday, but I don’t often come across the rare older sets I recently purchased.

Some of the featured rarities include the following:

Magic the Gathering Beta International Edition Gift Set – Unsealed

Here’s a brief description of the set as it’s not as well known as a few of the other sets I purchased:

Released in 1993, the BETA COLLECTOR’S EDITION GIFT SET is an exact copy of the BETA Limited Set with the EXCEPTION of 3 things: 1) 61 Basic Lands were included to increase the set size from 302 to 363. 2) The cards have SQUARE corners, unlike most Magic cards that have rounded corners. 3) The back of the cards are GOLD-BORDERED and have “Collector’s Edition” written on it. It is these last two exceptions that make these cards illegal to use in tournament play. However, due to its limited run-print (only 10,000 made of U.S. and 5,000 of the International), these Collector’s Edition Sets are almost as hard-to-find as the original BETA Set!

Magic the Gathering Antiquities A Complete Set UNPLAYED       

Magic the Gathering Arabian Nights A Complete Set UNPLAYED        

Magic the Gathering Legends A Complete Set UNPLAYED   

There is also an Alpha, Beta, Unlimited Combo Set as well as various other sets.

Many of these sets are now available on our website. You can check out the Magic the Gathering Cards section or just view all Magic the Gathering sets here.

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