Golden Age Comics – Superman #1 & Marvel Comics #1

We are constantly adding new and exciting products to our comic book inventory but these two items deserve significant attention. It’s not everyday that you can add a Superman #1 (1st Issue of Superman in his own title, Origin retold) & Marvel Comics #1 (1st Appearance of the Human Torch). This Marvel Comics #1 even without it’s original cover is extremely rare. This is the book that would launch not just one of the most successful comic book companies of all time, but a slew of iconic pop culture franchises. The Superman #1 was one of DC Comics first individual super hero series catapulting Superman into the iconic character he is today, transcending multiple media platforms.


Both of these items are now available for sale on our website and if you have any golden age books like these, as well as silver and bronze, we are always buying and paying cash!

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