Eric’s Travel Journey – Portland, Oregon aka Rip City!

Eric Mowery, buyer of comics and traveling food connoisseur, is back with his latest Travel Journey blog, take it away E-Mow!

Portland, Oregon. Good ol’ Rip City! I actually have no idea why they call it that, but the slogan is everywhere. Sure, I could look in up the internet, but I’m exhausted, friends. I’ve only just returned from the west coast and I spent the last two days of my vacate—er, uh, “work trip” in Portland packing up the FIVE collections that I purchased for the company. The books range from Silver to Modern and include all of the best Marvel keys from the past 50 years. These next few months are going to be awesome for the website.

I. Am. Obsessed. With. Coffee. So, naturally, Portland is a good fit for me, and I’ve been there enough to have a few go-to spots. I’m also a fan of their cuisine, even though I don’t know what makes them famous? A quick google search will tell you that you should go to Pok Pok (and you absolutely should), but I spent most of my days investigating the diners on the outskirts of Portland. If you also dig on diners, I would check out The Gateway House and then save room for a piece of pie from The Village Inn.


You want better advice for traversing the city? Go with no agenda. That’s honestly how I prefer to enter most cities. Portland is walker/biker friendly, so you’ll find lots of things to catch your eye if you’re downtown. Plus, you can avoid traffic. Please, please, please! Do all that you can to avoid traffic. Portland, bae, I love you, but your traffic is the stuff of nightmares.

Cool stuff in PDX checklist:

Voodoo Doughnuts
Alice’s Country House (check this out on your way to Garibaldi, OR)
Opal Café (best pancakes ever)
Tillamook Ice Cream
Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce
Food Truck Courts

I’m back in the B-Lo for a week before I head off to Baltimore. Thanks for letting me share my experiences with you and let me know if there are any places I should check out when I’m outside of the area.

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