Dave & Adam’s comic buyers contribute to Overstreet price guide

The 45th and newest edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is now available. This is the Bible for comic book collectors as it the definitive source for pricing and value.

IMG_1853 IMG_1852

We at Dave & Adam’s are honored that two of our comic book buyers, Mike Carbonaro and Will Mason, are recognized as Overstreet Advisers that lend their expertise and knowledge to the production of the price guide. Mike and Will lead our team of buyers that travel across North America purchasing collections of raw and graded comics. Through their dealings they’re able to identify the hottest trends in the comic book industry and share that information with the guide’s author.

Dave & Adam’s has only been in the comic book business for a few years, but we have quickly gained a reputation as a valued member of the industry. If you’re looking to sell your collection of vintage comics please contact our team at [email protected]


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