Dave & Adam’s comic book expert starring in his own series on CONtv

Dave & Adam’s comic book buyer and expert, Mike Carbonaro, will be starring in his very own mini-series on CONtv, titled Comic Book America with Mike Carbonaro.

The show follows Mike as he travels to different shows and conventions to find unique collection of comics, toys, collectibles and more. Comic Book America debuted recently on CONtv.com, with four episodes currently available to watch on demand.

Mike, or “Carbo” as he is known, always seems to attract attention wherever he goes. He stands out, even at a comic con, with his Doc Brown-like hair and his unique ties and scarves. Carbo just also happens to be a walking encyclopedia on comic book history as well, and he loves to share the stories behind the rare and valuable books that he takes on the road with him for Dave & Adam’s. He has been buying and selling comics since he was 10 years old, and hosted his own comic con in New York City for many years.

β€œ’Carbo’ is a fixture at Wizard World shows and one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining figures in the collectibles world,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. β€œHis enthusiasm, well known to thousands who have attended our events, comes through loud and clear in this fun, informative series that Wizard World fans will love.”

Mike also does interviews when he is on the road for Dave & Adam’s. He caught the attention of a couple video bloggers at some recent shows, and took time to do interviews with them.

Whitney Ullman of GoToWhitney.com caught up with Mike at the Atlantic City Comic Con

During the San Diego Comic Con Mike spoke with Trisha Hershberger of the Escapist Plays about some valuable comics (Mike’s segment starts at 5:40)

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