Dave & Adam’s Buying Team: Rare, sealed box of MTG Antiquities

BuyingTeamHeaderDave & Adam’s Gaming Buyers recently acquired one of the rarest boxes of sealed Magic: The Gathering cards. It is a sealed box of Magic: The Gathering Antiquities, which was just the fifth Magic product ever released. It was available for a brief period of time in early 1994.

antiquities front antiquities back

The box itself, which was purchased from a collector in Pennsylvania, is in immaculate condition with no major wear and tear on the box or plastic wrap. The cards inside this box would be excellent for grading purposes, if you decided to open it. No other major retailer has one of these in stock, and only one other box is currently available on the secondary market.

Our buyers are always looking to pay top dollar for collection of Magic: The Gathering and other gaming cards, including singles, decks and boxes. Contact them at [email protected] if you’re interested in selling your collection.

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