Dave & Adam’s Buying Team: C2E2 Recap


C2E2 is considered one of the premiere comic conventions in the country and we were there to experience it first hand. As is usually the case in Chicago we spent tons of cash on vintage comics and collectibles, including World’s Best Comics #1 (the 1st Batman & Superman Book), Fantastic Four #2 (1st appearance of the shape-changing Skrulls), Flash #105 (1st issue of the Flash solo title as well as the 1st appearance of the Mirror Master), as well as an original Don Heck page from Avengers #28 that features Captain America, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch, just to name a few. We’ll be headed out west this weekend for two shows. Look for Dave & Adam’s at the Salt Lake City Comic Con and Wondercon in Los Angeles, and then we’re back to the Pacific Coast in two weeks for Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle April 7th-10th.


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