Dave & Adam’s Buying Road Trip Hits the North East

Check the closet, clean out the attic and dust off those storage boxes because Dave & Adam’s buying team is heading to your area to pay you cash for your sports collectables.

For the entire first week of September we will have our buying team traveling from Maine to Maryland to meet you personally and give you the best offer in America for your cards, relics, unopened boxes, comic books, autographs, and anything else of value you have to sell.

Since 1991, we have spent millions of dollars building our inventory. We have been all over the country and have proved that we are the most educated and reliable buying source around. If you live in the North East and are looking to sell your sports card and memorabilia collection, contact us today to setup an appointment or find out where we will be.

Here is a comprehensive list of what we are looking to buy;

Raw & Graded Vintage Singles;

Dave & Adam’s is renowned for buying high grade Rookie Cards of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky & Hank Aaron; But we will buy all players that have a card before 1970. Have a PSA 8 Jim Bunning baseball card? WE WANT IT!!! Have a 400ct box of 1959 Topps baseball commons? WE WANT IT!!! Any vintage piece of cardboard both raw and in a graded slab from PSA, SGC or BVG we will make you a generous offer for.

Complete Sets:

One thing we pride ourselves on is having the best selection of vintage trading card sets available to our customers. We have bought and sold countless sets such as 1933 Goudy Baseball, 1948 Bowman Baseball, 1970 Topps Football and 1979/80 O-Pee-Chee Hockey. We even buy old sets of Fleer Three Stooges and Topps Mars Attacks non-sports sets. If you have an old set that you spent the time to put together but no longer have the desire to hang on to it, WE WANT IT!!

Unopened Boxes and Cases

Unopened Sports, Gaming & Entertainment boxes allow us to add to our inventory on a big scale. We want to buy any unopened box you have whether it be an old 1962 Topps Baseball box to a more modern 2011 Topps Chrome Football box. The amount of money we offer to obtain these items is insane and no one, not even a local card shop can offer the price that we can.

Junk Wax:

Have an old case of 1986 Topps Baseball or 1992 Stadium Baseball you never got around to opening or a whole mess of 1990s factory sets and boxes you stuck in a closet that you hoped would appreciate over time? WE WANT IT!!! The amount of this stuff is rampant and nobody wants it but us.

Modern Singles;

We are looking to buy newer, high end singles that you pull from those hobby boxes. Autographs and jersey cards of Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Sidney Crosby, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Kobe Bryant and MORE!! Any high value modern single you have burning a hole in your top loaders, WE WANT!!


Certified Autographs of deceased Hall of Fame Greats like Mickey Mantle, celebrities and political figures we will take off your hands. Upper Deck Authenticated signatures of Michael Jordan are also something we are interested in.

Comic Books:

We Now Buy Comic Books!!! Our newest venture, we now buy CGC Graded comic books that have a 5-15 cent cover price. If you have some nice graded books you can sell them to us for CASH!!

Don’t believe us? Here is just a sample of some of the things we have bought over the past couple weeks. We literally buy ANYTHING OF VALUE!!!





Here are the dates and locations of where we will be:

September 4th – New York City

September 5th – New Jersey

September 6th – Philadelphia

September 7th & 8th – Baltimore

Just look at all of the great things you may have that you can now trade in for cash in just a few short weeks.

The time is now to unload the stuff your wife nags you to get rid of! We are paying cash and traveling to you the first week of September in the North East. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC or Rhode Island CONTACT US today and find out how we can drive to you and give you cold, hard cash for your sports collectables.



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