Dave & Adam’s Adds Video Game Buyer to Buying Team!


The Dave & Adam’s Buying team is expanding! Please welcome video game buyer Tony Meyer to the Dave & Adam’s family! Tony will be looking to buy loose and in-box games, used systems, controllers, accessories and more!

Meet Tony…

What is better than playing an original game on the original system? Don’t you remember pulling that original Nintendo cartridge out and blowing into it to make it work?

As far back as I can remember I always had a connection with video games. From playing games as a child to collecting rare and unique titles, I‘ve always had a passion for the industry. Growing up, I was a Nintendo child, starting with my original Nintendo Entertainment System, and progressed through the years to Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. Once I started expanding into other systems I came to realize there was more out there that I needed to explore.

In 2012, I started to really study the video game industry and realized there were a lot of gamers out there who wanted to play games that they never had before. For the past four years, I’ve worked to buy games for every system that I could find and put them into the hands of the gamers and collectors that were seeking them. I have traveled to countless shows, and bought, shipped and delivered some of the rarest and most sought-after titles on the market for nearly every platform.

I am devoted to helping others rediscover their passion for playing and collecting video games. My goal at Dave and Adam’s is to provide everyone an opportunity to own their favorite video game system and the adventures from their childhood, and help every collector get that elusive title that has been impossible to find.

If you have video games that you are looking to get sell, want to play some of your old favorites, or are just looking for that game you can’t find, contact me today at (888-440-9787 x166) or email me [email protected].

So if you are looking to sell your old video games, system or accessories contact Tony today!

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