DACW Live gets their hands on TriStar Quest break-exclusive product

TriStar has released a brand new product that promises to offer up some amazing hits, and is being offered exclusively to live breakers.

2015 TriStar Quest will give collectors a chance to land autographed memorabilia from a checklist of 225 different subjects that spans the worlds of sports, entertainment and politics. Autographed items include jerseys, equipment, photos, cut signatures and more.

The list of personalities that have autographed items in TriStar Quest is phenomenal, including three autographs of Babe Ruth. Other sports signatures that are in the product include Tom Brady, LeBron James, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Mickey Mantle, Jack Nicklaus, Derek Jeter, Blake Griffin and Joe Namath. Additional celebrities and prominent historical figures in Quest are Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Robert F. Kennedy, Evel Knievel, George Bush, Robert Redford and Eleanor Roosevelt. All signatures are authenticated

Cases of TriStar Quest come with three boxes. Each box comes with five envelopes that hold an autograph or a redemption for a signed memorabilia item. TriStar will have special hot boxes, but did not specify what is inside them.

DACW Live has received several cases of 2015 TriStar Quest and will be holding group breaks of it in the coming weeks. For each case break, all three boxes will be opened and the envelopes will be given a number. Each person in the break will be randomly assigned a numbered envelope which they will receive the contents of. Only 15 slots will be sold per break, so everyone involved will receive a hit.

Again, this product was offered exclusively to live breakers, so the only way to get to some of these fantastic memorabilia items is to buy into a break. Check out the DACW Live page to find out when the next break of 2015 TriStar Quest is taking place and to get your slot.


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